How to Freshen Smelly Shoes

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Freshen smelly shoes by putting them in the washer and putting baking soda inside. Remove the smell from shoes with tips from a fashion specialist in this free video on style advice.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Rachel Youens I'm a free lance fashion reporter and I'm also the owner of street fashion site, and today we're going to talk about how to freshen up your really smelly shoes. Now it goes without saying that your first step to not having smelly shoes is to wear socks, keep your feet dry, not let that stinky foot bacteria ever get in there in the first place. But right now we're going to talk about what happens after you've already let that bacteria get in there. So it's important to know that the bacteria that's in your feet and gets in the shoes is a variety of different bacteria so what kills some of it may not kill the rest of it. So your first step is always going to be to just go ahead and put the shoes in the washer, the heat of the washer will kill a lot of the bacteria, but there's some it might not kill. So we're going to talk about some of the measures that you might take after you've done a regular wash cycle of your shoes and they still really stink. Putting baking soda inside the shoes is a good start it's the same kind of technique you would use if you put baking soda in your refrigerator to absorb stinky fridge smells, it will also absorb some of the moisture that's left in the shoe from your feet and will also absorb some of the smell. Unfortunately while it's absorbing the smell and the moisture it's not going to be killing the bacteria. So one of the next steps you might want to try is taking some rubbing alcohol and putting it into a spray bottle and then just spraying that rubbing alcohol into the shoes so that's going to be killing the bacteria that was missed by the washer, so you're getting washer bacteria, your getting the alcohol bacteria then after you've put that alcohol inside what you're going to want to do take the shoes put them inside a zip lock bag or some sort of plastic bag and then of you have it spray the bag with Febreeze. Then take that bag with the smelly sneakers and this seems strange but put it inside your, freezer, so you're basically heating up the bacteria, putting bacteria killer on it, and freezing it, and with that triple threat you should be able to kill most of the bacteria in your shoes. leave them in the freezer over night take them out the next morning let them kind of thaw out a little bit, and that should be your start to getting your stinky sneakers back to normal. Just remember after that no more wet stinky feet inside the shoes. This has been how to refresh your stinky sneakers.


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