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A skirt that hits at a women's knee is appropriate dress for a job interview. Dress appropriate for a job interview with tips from a fashion specialist in this free video on style advice.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Rachel Youens. I'm a freelance fashion writer and the owner of Austin Style street fashion site and we're here today to talk about your outfit for an interview. For some of you this may be your first job interview and you may be wondering what's the difference between what I wear to church on Sunday; What I wear for business; What I wear everyday of my life. So we're going to talk about first skirts. A lot of you will probably be wearing skirts to an interview, so let's talk about what's appropriate. You need to have your skirt hitting about your knee length. Anything shorter isn't really appropriate. As far as slits go, it's o.k. to have a slit in the back for movement. What's not o.k. is a slit in the front to show sexy kind of leg. Another thing to look at is when you sit down, where does your skirt hit? It needs to cover all of your thigh. You don't want to be flashing anything to your interviewer so make sure you're still having the whole length of your thigh covered. So the next thing we want to talk about is shirts. Now you don't have to feel forced into dressing all in black or all in gray or traditional business colors. It's o.k. to punctuate and pop with a little bit of color. What I kind of want to talk about is a case study, these two shirts. Now, both of them are colorful. They both kind of pop with color, but when you leave your interview wearing this, you're going to be "that girl that was interviewed in the polka-dot shirt." When you leave wearing this, you'll be "that girl that left who was really, really talented and well spoken and smart." You don't want the thing that your interviewer remembers about you to be a tacky piece of clothing you wore. So just use good judgment. Don't let your clothing be louder than your voice and your personality coming through in the interview. On that same note, you also need to be careful not to wear obnoxiously smelly perfumes, big sparkley jewelry, after shaves cologne, anything that might can speak louder than your own presence. Next thing we want to talk about is shoes. You may be thinking "Oh, I have great high heels. I wear them downtown all the time." The shoes you wear to go out clubbing are not the same shoes you are going to be wearing to a job interview. So, strapy, sparkley heals - no. Conservative, nice shoes - yes! And the last thing your going to want to bring is a bag. You don't need to have a brief case, you're not really in that place in your career yet - usually. But a bag that you can bring your resume, samples of your work and maybe a notebook to take notes is great. So this has been how to dress for a job interview.


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