What Is the Golden Ratio?

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The golden ratio in math is referred to as Phi and is approximately equal to 1.6180. Discover the definition of the golden ratio in math with tips from a mathematics tutor in this free video on math lessons.

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Video Transcript

In art and in architecture, there's a ratio that is very eye pleasing and it's called the golden ratio. Now the golden ratio is related to what they call a golden section where you can illustrate this by a line. And there are two sections to this line, the longer section is called A and the shortest section is called B. And of course e total length of this entire section is A B. Now, the golden ratio is related by the ratio A as to be is A B is to A. We have the longer side, longest section as to the shortest section as the entire section divided by the longest section. And this ratio is refer to as Phi and it is, this ratio is approximately equal to 1.6180.


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