What Is the Domain & Range of a Function?

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In math, the domain and range are algebraic values on the coordinate plane. Discover the definition of domains and ranges in math with tips from a mathematics tutor in this free video on math lessons.

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Video Transcript

Next we're going to talk a little bit about algebraic functions, and we're going to talk about the range of values on the coordinate plane. Now, let's start off by talking about a function on the XY plane. Let me just talk about this particular function here. Now, the way we can look at this, there's a beginning and there's an end to this function. The beginning of, let's say this is the beginning, we can project this point down to the X axis, project this point also down to the X axis. This will be X sub-zero, X sub-one. We say the domain of this function is X sub-zero to X sub-one. Similarly, along the Y axis we have, let's call this Y zero, let's call this Y one, and call this point Y zero. This span of values, Y zero and Y one, is called a range. So along the X axis is the domain and along the Y axis is called a range. So basically these are the span of values along the X axis and along the Y axis.


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