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For a basketball pick and roll, the most effective roll should be done 'belly to the ball.' Roll off the screen of a pick and roll with tips from a basketball coach in this free video on basketball offensive drills.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Sean Hobson. When running an effective pick and roll you have to make sure that everybody understands their roll in the pick and roll. You have to know where each player is going to be on the court, you have to know what timing and where they're supposed to be at that particular time. What we want to talk about right now is a really important part and that is after the post player sets the screen he has got to determine whether he is going to roll or whether he is going to pop and we are going to show you how that works off of this. So go ahead and set it up. Come out and set the initial screen. The guard is going to come off the screen and stop. Once the screen has been set by the post player. Once the guard goes around and runs off his shoulder. Now it is time for this guy to recognize what is going to happen. If his guy followed him up and if he hedged out or if he is standing on him then he can roll. The other thing is if they switch players which means that if I was guarding Hunter and I switch up I'm going to stay here with Zach now. That's the best situation that we can get is when they switch players because now he is going to roll into him. The effective roll is you always want to remember, belly to the ball, belly to the ball. So what Zach is going to do after he sets the screen he is going to back pivot. He is going to open low with his hand out and he is going to call for the ball as he runs to the basket and he is going to put that ball out there. That is an effective roll. Let me show you one thing else real quick. Go ahead. Come out here after you set the screen. The other thing is called the pop. Go ahead. If he realizes that he can't roll he is going to just pop back out and that way we can hit the ball here, we can reverse the ball or we can go ahead and have the other post player come up and set a screen or if this guy doesn't come out we can have a shot. That's called the pick and pop. So there's two different ways that this post player can run it. He can run the pick and roll or the pick and pop depending on how the defense adjusts to it.


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