Basketball Pick & Roll: How to Use the Screen

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After a screen is set for a pick and roll, the guard wants to get the defender as low as possible. Use a screen in the pick and roll with tips from a basketball coach in this free video on basketball offensive drills.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Sean Hobson. When actually running a screen and roll there are several important parts that go along with running this offense. It seems like a very basic style of offense but if you don't have the right players in the right places at the right times, this offense won't work so what we want to talk about right now is first of all the guard is going to set up the screen and we are going to get the screen set. So come on up. He is going to come up and set the screen. Now here is the important part we want to talk about with the guard. Now this time he went a little bit far. We want to bring it down and the main thing is the guard wants to get as low as the screen is going to be. The reason for that is look where the defender is now. The defender is as low as the screen. Now as he comes across he wants to go right off the shoulder. Now stop. Because he has now ran this defender into the screen. Now he is going to come up at the shoulder, if he doesn't dribble down. If he comes down in this direction and tries to cross over this high it does not good to set the screen because the defender is going to be able to go over the top of the screen so the guard has to come down even with the screen. Now the last important part is when this guy comes off the screen we want him to come rounded out and he has got to get his shoulders towards the basket because that way he can see that the roll is happening. If he doesn't get his shoulders toward the basket, a lot of times we see our guard and they come off the screen and they are looking at the wing and they are not even looking at the guy who is rolling wide open. So the guard has to come around. He has to get his shoulders facing up so he can see whether to hit the post or whether to kick it out to the wing and that is how the guard comes off effectively off the original screen.


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