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Skirts are used in Senegalese sexy sabar dancing to entice the drummers and audience by quickly opening and closing the fabric. Utilize skirts in sabar dancing as a playful maneuver with tips from a performer of West African dance and music in this free video on dancing.

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Video Transcript

So next we'll do one of those flashing moves that happens in one of the common rhythms called, yarigoron, and that's just a quick open and close of the skirts, as you're moving in a side to side fashion. So it's just right, left, left, right; right, left, left, right. You're bending and straightening your knees a little bit, open and close those skirts, exposing the bachoes, teasing the drummers a little bit, and it can be as flashy and showy as you want it to be. Another way to be doing this, is to grab onto the front section of your skirt, and then the back section of your skirt. It's the same thing, but the back is going up and down in the opposite time that the front is going up and down. So I'll turn sideways, you can see it a little bit better. And the rhythm is just, and 1and 2; and 1 and 2. Your back arm is going down, up; down, up; down, up; down, up; down, up, while your front arm is going, up, down; up, down; up, down; up, down. So that's it, just the basic side to side. Like I said, that happens a lot in yarigoron, which is a rhythm we're going to be going over in one of our later series.


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