Senegalese Sabar Dance: Playful & Sexual Nature

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Senegalese sabar dance has a playful and sexual nature that incorporates subtle hip movements, eye contact and clothing manipulation. Learn about the playful and sexual nature of sabar dancing with tips from a performer of West African dance and music in this free video on dancing.

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Video Transcript

So in this series we want to go over some things that some of my Sabar dance teachers have never actually verbally gone over. Which is the sexually playful nature of Sabar dance. And that is something that can be as innocent as watching children dance and mimic the adults. Or it can be as sexually suggestive as watching women dance together for the male drummers. And these are going to include movements that eye movements you want to do. The direction that you are gazing while you are dancing. Head movements, some hip thrusts and pops. We are going to do some shaking of our behinds. Also the utilization of wearing baggy clothes when dancing. Is a big thing with the sexually playful nature of Sabar. So you know we are going to be lifting our shirts, lifting your skirts. Kind of exposing what is underneath there. Which we will talk about in a minute. And just a lot of that movement. Something that makes Sabar such a fun dance. A playful dance, and just a lot of movement and a lot of fun. Things that you can show off to the drummers. Things that you can show off to the audience. To play with each other while you are soloing. Just a lot of those moves. The kind of subtle moves that are going to make you a better Sabar dancer.


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