How to Replace Your Air Filter

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Check car air filters during every oil change. Replace an air filter with the car maintenance tips in this free video on automotive repair from a professional auto mechanic.

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Video Transcript

Dave here from Dave's Ultimate Automotive in Austin, Texas. We're going to be talking about how to replace your air filter. Now in most cars today the set up is going to be very similar to this. Most cars are fuel injected. You'll find an air filter housing box somewhere in the engine compartment either one side or the other or even on the top. Usually it will say air filter or have pictures on the top that indicate that it is the air filter housing. Most of them are real simple. They're designed to where you can get them in and out easily. Sometimes won't even describe it in your owner's manual. There's a couple things you need to be careful about. Like some, most of them are like this. You're going to have some sort of clip arrangement. And then the box will kind of fall down away. Now you'll see I've got some censors here, some wires. You've got to be careful not to pull out pull on any of those or damage those while you're doing this. The air filter would simply slide right out. Said simply. Should slide right out. This one obviously is brand new, but if it were dirty it would be dark in here, maybe some leaves in here. You should really check this every oil change. You don't know. Sometimes little critters like mice or whatever get in here, it can chew on these kind of things. So I'd go and check them every oil change and replace as needed. So real simple, comes right out. You just pull the box back in. Work it back in its groove. Down. Back in. Make sure the foam seats against the box properly. Box back in place. Clips back on. And you're done.


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