How to Install Caulking Around Windows

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Prep the caulking area around house windows before installing caulk, and don't cut the caulking tube tip hole too large. Install caulk around windows with tips from a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) certified technician in this free video on home repair.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm James, with JNC Home Repair. Today, we're going to talk about installing caulk on windows. If you have any more questions concerning this topic, or any other types of home repair, you can also contact me at The first thing we're going to do, is you can see here we've got a window, and there's some standard trim that goes around it. What you need to do, is you need to kind of prep this area, and get ready for your caulking. First thing I'm going to do, is I'm going to go ahead and clean this up. Go ahead and get some of this debris out of here, these cobwebs. Get some of this stuff cleaned up. Once you do that, you're going to need basically, you're going to need a 5-in-1. This is a good handy tool. You can do scraping with it. You can use this little corner edge, to actually get the caulk out of the seams. You can do, it's basically five tools in one, so what you want to do, is you want to get in here, and you want to get any of this old caulk that's out of this crack. You want to get all of this old stuff out of there, so when you put your new bead of caulk in there, it' going to actually seal, and it's going to adhere a lot better. Once you get all of that stuff cleaned out, you're ready to caulk. This is a basic caulk gun, you can get at your hardware store. What we got in here today is, acrylic latex caulk. This is going to be good for either interior or exterior. What you do, you just want to cut your tip at a forty five degree angle, and once you've got your caulk. You don't want to cut your hole too big, because you're going to have too much caulk coming out the end of it, so you just cut you a little bitty hole, and then once you've got your caulk gun and your caulk ready to go, all you do, is put your tip right there on the crack, and you just start squeezing the trigger, and you just run a real tight bead, right along there, and you can see it's actually filling in the crack, just like so, and once you've got it all filled just like that. You go ahead and push that trigger on your caulk gun, because if you don't push that trigger, caulk is just going to steadily start streaming up out of your tube, and it's just going to make a big old mess, and that's just going to be something else for you to clean up later. Once you have the caulk installed in the seam, all you do, is just take your finger, and you're just running it, just run it along the seam, and kind of work that caulk down in that seam there, and you'll get all the excess off, as you're in the process of doing it, and once you do that, all you do is just run it out smooth with your finger. Kind of get all that extra stuff off of there, and once you've got that new crack sealed, let that sit up and dry for awhile, and you're ready to paint.


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