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Consideration for the audience during public speaking is important for everyone's comfort and engagement. Be considerate towards the audience with tips from a communication specialist in this free video on public speaking.

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Video Transcript

A very important point in interacting with the audience, is remembering human biology. I have observed many a new presenter, who was very offended, to see people getting up and quietly leaving the room. I had to explain to them later, that those people just had to go to the bathroom. In fact, those needs are so simple, and so basic, and so undeniable, that it's probably best, to make some sort of disclaimer about it, at the beginning. When you're beginning your presentation, after you have given them what you're going to tell them, after you have introduced yourself, then say, We're going to have bio breaks, bathroom breaks, whatever feels comfortable to you to say, every ninety minutes or so, but if you need to leave the room before then, please feel free. The bathrooms are down the hall, and to the left, or wherever they are. Don't ever make an audience sit for longer than ninety minutes. It's cruel and unusual punishment. People will get up to leave for the bathroom. There are locationally people who will have the self confidence, to get up and stand at the back of the room, and if you say, Can I help with anything? They'll say, No, I just need to stretch my legs, but most people don't feel confident to do that. They'll just sit and suffer, having been in their chairs for too long, so remember human biology. People need to move. They need to go to the bathroom. They also need to eat. It's best if you can have water in the room.If you can't, also make an announcement when you're announcing the bathrooms, about where the nearest water fountain is, and let them know when they're going to be able to eat. Of course, you will get points, if there is food in the room.


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