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The needs of the audience in public speaking determines the course of the speech. Adjust to the audience with tips from a communication specialist in this free video on public speaking.

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Video Transcript

Adjust your presentation to what your audience needs. This could be a tough one because it has lot to do with the timing that you laid out for yourself when you're creating your presentation. But, if you want your presentation to be as meaningful to your audience as possible and have as much value as it can, then you really need to adjust your presentation to what you're hearing from them is most important to them as you go through your content. So, let's say you're getting to point no. 3, your very favorite thing to talk about, how to stand, no better yet, what to do if you find that your shoes don't match when you get to your presentation. They've already heard that story before, you gave that presentation to their peers, their peers told the story, don't tell it again. Another words, don't spend time on information that is not important or valuable to your audience. Instead you've already heard from them, or perhaps you will soon hear from them what they want you to spend more time on. So go on with your presentation, on something that was clearly of interest to them. If nothing of that hasn't come up yet, then go on until something like that does come up. What am I saying? I'm saying think on your feet, be flexible, leave out things that aren't going to be a value to them. Spend more time on things that will be of value to them. Do take the time to look down at your notes where you'll have your timing all laid out for you and I'll talk about that when I talk about notes in another series. Make sure that you're still on track time wise, but be flexible enough to adjust your content to what your audience is going to want to hear in order to get value out of the presentation. This is a matter of flexibility and flexibility isn't always easy especially for people that like everything and know exactly where they're going at all times. People who are ADD like me, have no problem with flexibility, the other end of the spectrum will find flexibility to be a difficulty. The audience needs you to be flexible and that they need their presentation to be, your presentation to be of value to them. So push for flexibility as much as you can.


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