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Answering questions during public speaking is based on the content, time limits and interaction of the speech. Determine a time for questions with tips from a communication specialist in this free video on public speaking.

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Video Transcript

Q & A. When to take questions. That is something you should know ahead of time based on your content, based on your time limits, based on how much audience interaction will help the presentation and will help you as the presenter. If you've determined that you want questions throughout after you've given your presentation; I'm sorry after you've given your introduction then let the audience know. "Please ask questions throughout I'm happy to take them from you." If you don't have time or if for some other reason you've determined that it's best to take questions and answers only at the end then tell your audience I'm afraid I'm going to need you to hold off your question until the end of the presentations, so please write them down so you don't forget them, because I really do want to hear your questions. OK, so in handling questions and answers tell the audience when Q & A is OK. Finish your thought when somebody raises their hand to ask a question. Acknowledge every thought. Stay connected to the audience when you're answering your questions. Let me go back to the second one. I've seen it very often. I know I did it myself; with relatively new presenters; they're in the middle of a thought somebody raises their hand. It throws them off track and boom they stop talking to answer the question. So, it sounds something like;"yes, did you have a question." Have the confidence, have the presence of mind to finish your thought. You can nod to the person; let them know you see them. Then when you've made your complete thought go back to the person who wants to ask the question, listen to it and answer the question.


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