Public Speaking: Fearing the Audience

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Fearing the audience during public speaking is a common problem that creates less effective speeches. Relax in front of the audience with tips from a communication specialist in this free video on public speaking.

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Video Transcript

This is another attempt to quail your fears about the audience. I'm going to talk to you abut what your audience doesn't want from you when they're interacting with you. They don't want you to be imperfect. They don't want to be something that they have to sit and criticize. They don't want to look at everything about you to determine what is wrong. Audiences typically don't know, they typically don't care, they care about the message. Let me tell you a story about that that has to do with the first time I left to give a presentation skills workshop when my daughter was about three years old. I felt so guilty that I have to leave her at such a young age that I determine that I would take a flight to come into the airport after her bedtime so that I could tuck her in. I let her help me packed. I was putting all of my clothes in my bag and she said, "Mommy let me help you". I said, "okay sweetie, get my black shoes in the closet". My black shoes, I had lots of black shoes, she brought me my black shoes I didn't look what they were because at that point I was in a hurry, I throw them in my bag and the next morning I found out unmatching black shoes both left feet. So, went to the presentation, did the part on how to stand, did the whole thing with two unmatching shoes. Next day after having bought a new pair of shoes that I like, thank you very much, I asked the audience what they thought about my unmatching shoes the day before, and they all said, "you did not have unmatching shoes". Not a single person noticed, one had a different tip, they were different heights, they were unmatching shoes, like right now, I'm wearing one shoe and not the other. That's how critical audiences are not. Audiences are not there to shoot your down. They're not there to criticize you. They're not there to judge your hair, they are there to get the message and that is my message for now and for always.


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