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For good presentations, a stance that features good posture and a still lower-body serves the speaker. Use correct stance for good presentations with tips from a teacher, presenter and facilitator in this free video on public speaking.

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Video Transcript

Now I'd like to talk about stance. And the reason for that is the way you move your lower body during your presentation will have an affect on your audience. And it will also have an affect on your ability to think clearly. I noticed as I was moving my feet around that my brain was starting to get a little bit muddled. The most natural way to stand, the way we were built to stand is pretty much just like this. With your feet about hip distance apart, your arms by your sides, your spine's straight, your head up. But all I'm going to be focusing on right now is the lower part of you. Now think about it, in public we don't typically communicate with our lower bodies. And so, there's really no reason we should be moving our lower bodies when we're presenting, unless we have some place to go. To walk over to my notes, to walk over to my flip chart, to walk to my power point projector, wherever I need to go is a reason to move. If I don't have a reason to move, I'm not going to move. What I'm saying is, when you're presenting, there should be no excess movement. It tends to be nervous movement when you're moving that way. And I'll come back to that. Keep your knees straight, but loose. You've heard of people fainting at weddings, that's because they lock their knees. I hear stories about it happening in the military too. Don't lock your knees. Keep everything on your body nice and easy. Let your bones hold you up. Relax into your natural stance. And keep your feet about hip distance apart. Everybody's center of balance is different. You want to find the place where you can stand so that you feel comfortable standing for a long time. Granted, your shoes need to be comfortable. That's something you need to be thinking about before you make your presentation. And I'll talk about clothes in a later series. But assuming your, your shoes are comfortable, if your stance feels good and you can, like you can stand that way for a long time, that's probably the right way for you to be standing. Stand that way until you've got some place to go, no hip movement, no tapping, no foot movement. Your audience will listen to your message better, you'll think better. It'll all be good.


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