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For good presentations, presenters are natural, passionate and easy to relate to. Learn characteristics of good presentations with tips from a teacher, presenter and facilitator in this free video on public speaking.

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I'd like to talk about great presenters, because we compare ourselves to them, mercilessly. We always look at them and think I could never be like that. But the fact is, what they do are things that any of us can do. Let's look at what great presenters are and what they're not. Great presenters are natural, human, passionate about their message and relatable. When I say relatable I mean we can relate to them, they're not plastic, they're not pretentious, they're real in their own way, they're human. When you think about the great presenters there are many of them. Take a look at Lee Iaccoca, Ronald Regan, Barack Obama, Doctor Martin Luther King, Oprah Winfrey. The list of great presenters, John F. Kennedy, goes on and on. If you look at them all, they are all different. But with a few things in common, in that they are passionate about their messages, they're real, we can relate to them. There's nothing about any of the rest of us that separate, separates us from that. We can all acquire those qualities when we make presentations. If you look at what great presenters are not, think about those presenters I just mentioned. They're not always prepared. They're not perfectly polished, there are lots of gaps from every one of their old reels. They're not slick, they're not super polished. And they're not necessarily born great. Now some of them may have been born great, I don't know. Most of them if you ask, and I believe it says in their interviews, say they, they were not born great. They had to learn how to be great presenters. It's really a matter of getting comfortable in your own skin. Knowing who you are. And having the confidence that you can make a great presenter simply by being exactly who you are.


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