How to Feed a Toddler Healthy Snacks

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Toddlers will eat healthy snacks if they are given a variety of foods with different colors and textures. Feed a toddler healthy snacks with tips from the owner of a parenting store in this free video on kids' diets.

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Video Transcript

If you have a package of cookies at the top of your pantry, chances are your toddler knows it. Hi, my name is Erin Sheppard with Austin Baby and I'm going to talk about feeding a toddler healthy snacks. So chuck out that pack of cookies or hide them under lock and key and forget that they're there, and we're going to talk about some ideas to really easily feed your toddler some healthy snacks. One really easy way to get them to eat a variety of foods packed with nutrition is separating them into small compartments. You don't have to buy anything special, you can use an ice cube tray like this one, and choose foods of different colors, different textures, and place it somewhere that's convenient. Grant you, you want your child to be sitting and supervised while eating but you know that most toddlers are pretty much on the go. So if you have a smaller table with a small chair that has a very sturdy low wide base, that's a great way for them to be running around the corner, have a seat, pop in some raisins, and chew them of course while you're watching and making sure that they are sitting, and then they pop back up and run back around again. It's a really really easy way to get lots of nutrition. In this particular snack set up we have cheddar cheese, strawberries, grapes and raisins, "O" shaped cereal, and avocado, and we just have that distributed out. So you can see the nice rainbow display there. With this set up right here a toddler can use a fork and a spoon if they so choose or they can just use their fingers. With the snacks you can put in lots of protein. Check with your child care provider on, I'm sorry your health care provider on what needs that your child has, but protein is great throughout the day for those growing toddlers who spend so many, so much energy running around. The dairy products such as yogurts and cheese, also eggs, cooked chicken, fish, soy and beans are great ways to get the protein in there, and of course the more natural color you have such as strawberries and avocado, you have tons and tons of nutrients in there. Nuts are also a great source of protein, but again you'll want to check with your health care provider since nuts are potential allergens. So good luck feeding all these great healthy snacks to your toddler, and I'm Erin Sheppard with Austin Baby.


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