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In breastfeeding, one of the most important things is positioning. Feed breast milk to a baby with tips from the owner of a parenting store in this free video on kids' diets.

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Breast feeding your baby can be one of the most wonderful times in both yours and your baby's life. Hi, my name is Erin Sheppard with Austin Baby and I'm going to talk about how to breast feed a baby. One of the most important things of breast feeding your baby is the positioning and there are several different positions you can use and the most common one is the cradle. However you will want to switch positions to utilize different areas of your breast. So that you don't get any clogs in your milk ducts. So this is the cradle positioning and it's often helpful to have a pillow under here. Which supports the baby. So that it's a not just your muscles that are holding your baby. And then when you go to actually start breast feeding, what you'll want to do is pull your breast up towards your baby's mouth but wait until your baby actually has his mouth completely open before you try to insert the nipple. You might need to play with your baby's gums, chin or cheek a little bit and that will stimulate the reflex. So that they open their mouth and begin to root as it's called. So when you go to actually insert your nipple. What you'll do is you'll pull the breast facing up towards the top of the baby's mouth and you'll want to squeeze gently on your breast. Which we call the hamburger hold. So can basically smash it but very, very gently. You are compacting it. So that the baby can get a very large amount of your breast into the mouth. That will make it much more comfortable for you when they actually start the suckling. So the breast, the nipple and as much as the areola as possible will go into the mouth towards the top of the gums and actually right towards shoot for the roof of the mouth and once you have a satisfying amount in there. Let baby close and began to suck. If you don't have that good latch. Use your finger to gently open the side of your baby's mouth. So that there's air in the mouth and pull out your breast and do it again. After breast feeding your baby and you'll follow your baby's cues, you'll feed them until their full and make sure to switch sides, so that you're emptying both breasts. Then you would burp baby either up on your shoulder or leaning slightly forward. If you are having any troubles breast feeding or it doesn't seem quite right. Please visit a lactation consultant. It's one of the greatest things that you can do for both your body your health and your sanity and your emotions as well as your baby's. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy breast feeding your little one. I'm Erin Sheppard with Austin Baby.


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