Can You Put Sod Down in Winter?

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It is not recommended that sod be put down in winter, but if it has to be done, lay down several inches of compost or top soil under the sod. Plant sod in the spring or fall for the best results with the help of a sustainable gardener in this free video on plants and gardens.

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Hi, this is Yolanda from and in this segment we're going to talk about can you lay down sod in the wintertime and when is the right time to lay down sod? Now we buy these beautiful new homes or we redo our yards and we want new grass so we buy the rolled carpets of sod and we put it right onto the ground anytime of the year and we hope that it grows really well. Well there's some tricks that you need to know before you do it. When you lay down sod, make sure that you have at least two, three inches of compost or potting soil above the clay, sand or whatever you have underneath it so it has something for the roots to grab onto. So many times in the new developments they lay down the sod right onto the clay and there's no where for the roots to grow and it just sits in the muck. So especially when it's planted in the wintertime and there's no warmth or there's no heat, the roots don't grow, they just sit dormant. So the best time to lay down sod is in the spring or the fall. In the summer it gets hot, it can bake, you might lose some of it. If you plant it in the winter, it might be too wet or dormant or it'll freeze and you might lose it because it hasn't set any roots. But if you don't have a choice in the matter, if you're moving into the and that's the only time it can get done and you live in a mild climate especially, go ahead and get it down in the winter, it'll just wait until the spring to grow and nine out of ten times, it'll still perform very well for you.


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