How to Breed Pygmy Goat

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Breed pygmy goats by deciding on the quality of breed and whether the goats will be used for show or for meat. Decide what level to breed goats at, and in what quantity, with tips from a livestock consultant in this free video on goat care.

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Video Transcript

Tom Boyer, Chalk Creek Boers, talking about how to breed goats. The really the whole answer to that question lies in what kind of goat do you want. Do you want a, in the case of a meat goat. Do you want something for show, do you want something strictly for market, or do you want something that has color, and so forth. Behind me you'll see a variety of bucks, some of these the angora cross bucks are there just because they make great commercial kits here in the west. And out on the western ranges. Other bucks here you'll see the red one here is bred for color, and that's what some folks would like is color in the goat. Other bucks are traditional and bred for show. And to be shown at large national shows as breeding stock. Others are here because they'll product show weathers for the young people to show at a market market weather show or a club goat show on a local basis or across the United States. And there are a number of these that are very popular for the young people to show. And so you need to ask yourself where you want to end up, then we can design, you can design a breeding program that will arrive take you to that point. One of the key things questions you need to ask and make a determination on is the quality you want. There's a huge range in the quality of goats and of course in the price of goats. And so you need to determine what level you'd like to produce at. And then you can move forward towards those kind of flocks to select your genetics from. Your bucks, your does, and then make the quality matings that you'd like to make. Based upon how you'd like to fit and where you'd like to fit in the quality range.


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