How to Become a Good Narrative Writer

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Become a good narrative writer by reading a variety of novels and experimenting with narrative styles. Consider taking writing classes to help improve writing skills with advice from a writer and playwright in this free video on writing skills.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Laura Turner and today I'm going to talk with you about how to become a good narrative writer. The first step in becoming a great writer is to become an avid and a dedicated reader. So first you should read as many novels as possible and this is going to serve many different purposes for you. It's going to help you to discover all the different styles in which you can write, all the different things that have been written about, so you don't end up writing something that's exactly the same as something someone else wrote hundreds of years ago, and it's going to really sort of beef you up both mentally and spiritually and physically in your vocabulary that you can draw from. Next, whenever you're writing your narrative, you can dabble in as my styles as you'd like. I mean since you've read lots of novels in step one, you can actually write in many different styles in step two. You can write in third person narrative. You can write in first person narrative, the I narrative. You can write in second person narrative, the you narrative. You went to the store. You bought some milk, right? And also you can even mix it up and do something that is totally new and out there, 'cause there's really no rules for writing narrative today. Discover who you admire as a narrative writer along in that vein when you're writing and researching and think about why as you're ready their novels and what makes them great and how you can emulate that. So try to be better even than your favorite narrative writer. Try to push yourself beyond that point. And try to really get as good as you can. You can also take writing classes. That may help you in getting feedback on your work so that you can actually get better. Have other people read your work even if you're not taking a class. Have your friends read your work, give you feedback. And try to write and rewrite every day. Those are some tips for becoming a good narrative writer.


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