How to Write, Print & Publish Your Own Book

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To write, print and publish your own book, write the book first and then find an independent book publisher or online publishing source that will print out copies. Consider publishing a book on the Internet with tips from a playwright in this free video on writing.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Laura Turner and today I'm going to talk with you about how to write, print and publish your own book. In society today we have so many different ways of publishing books that you do not have to sit around and and submit and get rejected from many, many publishing companies before you finally get chosen. You can actually take the initiative into your own hands and publish for yourself. There is no shame in doing this. This is something that I think every writer should do eventually to get their work put into a bound form. It's pretty easy to publish your own book, but first of all obviously you have to write the book. Think of all the things that go into your successful book, your ideas, the length of the book, how long you want it to be. Your target audience and the overall message of your book. And really once you've written the book you've gotten over the hard part. Because you are then going to actually just find an independent publishing company or even an online publishing company like that will publish your book for you. Of course you will have to - this is the difference of course, you will to have to pay these people to print copies of your book for you, but really to have a copy of your book it's I think it's fine to pay a fee. Because you'll have that thing in your hands. Whereas if you get published by someone else, they're going to pay you. Whenever you get your book published, and put into this form you can actually then of course sell it. And whenever you are wanting to sell your book you can actually of course sell it online. You can sell it on your own website, you can sell it through websites, you can post it online, you can actually post your book instead of making these hard copies you can post it in a PDF online for people to read. There are so many things that you can do. You could even go so far as to bind it and print it yourself if you have the means to do that. So these are just some ideas for writing, printing and publishing your own book.


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