What Is a Chinese Massage?


A Chinese massage is known as Tui Na, which is a traditional Oriental touch therapy that was developed more than 2,000 years ago, using soft tissue manipulation and acupressure. Learn about the massage that deals with the transfer of energy through the body with advice from an experienced massage therapist in this free video on massage.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae and if you're wondering what a Chinese massage is I can fill you in on this. Now there's actually nothing called a Chinese massage. What there is there is a massage called tui na, and it's a traditional type of Oriental touch therapy that's been around for over two thousand years. And the basis of tui na is on the flow of energy and that the unblocked and balanced flow of energy through the energy meridians or lines in your body result in health. Now there are three types of techniques used in tui na Oriental bodywork therapy. The first one of course is soft tissue manipulation which is massage. And this focuses on muscles, tendons and soft tissue. The second type of technique is acupressure which is specific pressure on specific points in the body that lets the energy flow without any blockages and always balance, so it's the balance - it's making sure that all the energy in the body is balanced and running freely through these energy meridians. It's called acupressure. The third technique is manipulation of the spinal, the musculo-skeletal system which is how the muscles and the skeleton work together. Now in a typical tui na session you're not on a table like a typical massage table you are on a mat on the floor. And also the client is always clothed and the best condition for a client is for them to wear loose, natural fibered clothing. And they will come in and they'll lie on a mat on the floor and the practitioner will focus on specific pain sites using massage, specific acupressure points and energy meridians to balance the flow of energy through your body, and then also some specific manipulation techniques that help joint mobilization. So tui na is much, much different than the typical Swedish western relaxation massage where oils and lotions are used, again this is an Oriental type of touch therapy whose basis is allowing the free flowing energy through the body. And when energy is able to flow freely, then health is achieved. So that's just a little bit for you, I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae.


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