How to Salvage a Videocassette

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Salvage a videocassette by not forcing the tape in or out of the VCR, turning the machine upside down in order to get the videocassette free of the guides or trying to fast forward the tape and then ejecting it. Have a videocassette professionally removed from a VCR if all efforts fail using advice from the owner of a TV and VCR repair shop in this free video on VCRs.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bill from ARC TV and I'm going to show you how to salvage a video cassette. A couple things you should know, you should never force a cassette in or out of the machine because they're very fragile and that may damage it more. One thing that you should do first if a tape is stuck is press stop and then try to forward or reverse the tape and what that does is it pulls the tape back into the cassette. Hit stop and then try to eject it. If it still doesn't come all the way out or the tape is looping out of the machine, you can put it back in, hit stop, turn the machine upside down, sometimes the tape will fall loose of the guides. Put it back, fast forward one more time a little bit, stop it and then try ejecting it. If it then comes out, you're done. If not, then you should probably take it in and have it professionally removed and find out why it got stuck.


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