How to Refill the HP Tri-Color Ink Cartridge

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The plugs in the top of the HP tri-color ink cartridge can be pushed into the center of the cartridge without damaging the cartridge. Use a syringe to inject 12 milliliters of ink into an HP cartridge with help from an employee of an ink-filling station in this free video on HP printer cartridges.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Taylor. Today we're discussing HP cartridges and how to refill them. Today we're going to look at a few of HP's tri-color ink cartridges. Three of HP's most popular color ink cartridges are these. This one being the oldest, we'll dole, do first. On the top, there will be three plugs. Simply push the plugs into the center of the cartridge. Don't worry, we'll have no problem with it as there is a sponge that will keep it from going anywhere bad. Once you push those in, get a syringe with a long needle, fill with ink, about twelve milliliters. Insert and depress until full. For this cartridge, the HP twenty-three and seventy-eight, the colors will go yellow, magenta, cyan. HP's two newer models will be either have a blue cap or a green cap. They're both filled in the same manor. Simply remove the HP sticker revealing the colors. With these holes, you can see that the top is the red, then yellow, and blue. With the green cap, it will be yellow, red, and blue. Please do not get them mixed up. To refill, simply get a syringe and put in about five milliliters of ink. Insert into the sponge and depress slowly, filling the ink cartridge. Once you've done for each chamber, remove the needles, replace the sticker, clean the cartridge and you are ready to print.


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