How to Rotate Tires

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In order to properly rotate tires, take the front tires off and move them directly to the back, and take the rear tires off and cross them before moving them to the front. Rotate a car's tires every 5,000 miles with information from an auto mechanic in this free video on car parts and safety.

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Video Transcript

Today's topic is how to rotate your tires. To rotate your tires in a proper way you should take the front tires off, move em' directly to the back; take the rear tires off, cross em', and move em' to the front. This is the way the new manufacturers are told us to do em'. Years ago we used to take the tires from the front, and put em' in the back, and back to the front. This is when they first came out with radial tires and everybody thought that the way the tires wear would tear em' apart, but they don't. Most radial tires are made with a tread; the the steel cord's going across this direction. The old styles were bias, and they went crossways this way. And if you feel your tires and rotate em' every five thousand miles you shouldn't have any problems. You can feel the tire and it'll have a rough spot on it if you wear em' down too long. If you don't this tire is perfectly good either way. I can't feel the difference in the tread where it's rough going from one direction to the other. So, that is the proper way to rotate your tires.


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