How to Choose the Proper Tires for Winter Driving

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Car tires that are used for driving in the winter usually have more aggressive treads. Determine how bad the winter conditions are before buying winter tires with information from an auto mechanic in this free video on car parts and safety.

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Video Transcript

Today's topic is how to choose the right tire, for winter driving. Most cars come with a tire, that look like this. They have just a nice tread on them, and not very much aggressiveness. This tire has a little more aggressive tread on it. It's better for winter driving, and there are tires with more aggressive tread than this. The way to choose the proper one, is to figure out where you are driving from. Do you drive in town only? Are the streets plowed very well? Do you have a lot of snow? If you're in a place where there's a lot of snow, you'll want a very aggressive tire. Maybe even one that has the holes in it, where they put studs in the tire, for ice. If you don't do much highway driving, or areas where there's not so much snow, an all terrain tire is probably the best. If you're in an area where there's a lot of snow, you might want to put the very aggressive tire on, which are more aggressive, and more aggressive, and this one isn't that very aggressive, but it's a different type of tread. Your dealers, most people who sell tires, can find out the proper tire for your car, according to your driving conditions. Ask questions. Don't be ever afraid to ask a question of how you drive, and let them know how you drive and where you drive. This will give you the proper way to get the right tire, for your car.


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