How to Avoid a Car Fire

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Car fires are commonly caused by a catalytic converter that gets too hot and comes in contact with high grass. Spray a fire extinguisher through a hood if a car fire occurs with information from an auto mechanic in this free video on car safety.

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Video Transcript

The topic today is how to avoid a car fire. One of the worst things that causes fires is a catalytic converter. The catalytic converters get very hot and if you have a flat tire and you're pulling off to the side of the road make sure you're pulling in a place where there's not high grass because this catalytic converter will start a fire in a minute. If you do happen to have a fire, come over to your car, unhook the hood latch, so you can raise the hood this much, know that it's loose, and if you're fortunate to have a fire extinguisher which everybody should have in the car, spray in through the hood. Do not lift the hood. Spray in through the hood, you can lift it like this, but spray in through the hood to make sure that you get the fire out. If you open the hood you could get the fire going faster with the oxygen. Most fire extinguishers extinguish the flames to the point where you then could open the hood. You could open your hood, the fire's partly out, spray it again very carefully and that should take care of your fire. If you're caught on the road with a flat tire, first law make sure there's no high grass. Pull off to the side and take care of your flat tire, if you have a fire from that cause, spray it like I just asked you to do. Everybody should have one of these in their car. They're a very inexpensive safety feature.


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