How to Start a Record Label

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Starting a record label requires deciding on the type of company you want and outfitting yourself with an entourage of marketable artists. Build your own record label by starting a solid business with tips from a veteran hip-hop recording artist in this free video on the rap music industry.

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Video Transcript

You want to start your own label huh. Well first off you got to produce music. You know whether it's rock, rap whatever you got to be making some kind of music if you are going to be a label. Another thing that you got to do is have your own trade, your name you get a name established. Who you are going to be, what are you going to represent, how you are going to go about it. And then one of the most important things you need as a label is artists you know. You can't be producing or be a production label or a record label if you ain't making no records. So whether it's a rock band, whether it's singers, whether it's rappers like myself, whatever it is you are going to have to get yourself a crew, get your entourage, the people that's going to be on your label. That's going to pump you up. And you know make sure that you are producing good music. You know don't be putting on no garbage on a label cause you may get a label but it won't stand long. So you know them is things first off that you need, the first steps that you need as far as being a label. Now the second part of starting a recording label is the business aspect. Which is actually you know one of the key parts to start a label. First thing you need to do is you know you got to set a fictitious name you know. What your name going to be, what's going to be the name of your label. How you are going to go about it. Getting that stuff copyrighted and protected and all that. Another thing you want to do is go after you know you need a business license if you are going to be operating legally, you know, tax id number. Production numbers, retail license, now you need to figure out what type of business you want to be. Do you want to be a sole proprietor, a corporation, S corp, L corp, LL corp I mean it's different types of things. You can get lost in it forever so check with your local accountant on that one.


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