How to Write a Rap Song

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Writing a rap song is like writing poetry, with solid rhymes, deep verses and a repeating chorus. Write the hottest new rap song from start to finish complete with punchlines and message with tips from a veteran hip-hop recording artist in this free video on the rap music industry.

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Video Transcript

So you want to write a rap song huh. Well let me tell you how it's done, I can give you a few pointers. First off, you got to make sure it comes from within you know. Writing rap is sort of like poetry, you know most rap songs usually contain about a sixteen bar you know sixteen bar verse with about eight bar chorus. You know it's no format, it's really all to how you feel. You know you want to make sure that, that's rhymes are hot, that you know, that you go deep you know. You can't just put anything down on paper and it's got to have a nice flow to it. You know when it comes down to it you know there's the different structures can be whatever. That's the general structure is sixteen bars. You know and you want to make sure that it sounds good, that you have the rhymes, and that you deliver, the hotness, you know it's like I said it's like poetry so dig down deep into you and express what you feel you know. It comes from, from within, you don't want to sit there and listen to somebody else and try to duplicate what they say. You know dig down and find your own words. Start slow you know and figure out the topic whatever it is you want to rap about and you know take the time, reflect on it, meditate. And then just put your pen to the paper, and it's history from there. Now rapping, writing rap songs is not about every line rhyming you know, every line doesn't have to rhyme. You know you got your punchlines, you may be delivering a message that comes into a certain point then you hit them with a punchline. So don't get stuck on a format thinking that every word has to rhyme, cause just because it rhymes don't necessarily make it a good rap. So remember that and keep that in mind when you are writing.


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