How to Flush Power Steering Fluid

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When flushing power steering fluid in a car, it helps to move the steering wheel side-to-side to make more fluid spew out. Flush new power steering fluid with the engine on with help from a specialist in car restoration in this free video on car maintenance and auto repairs.

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Video Transcript

When you're flushing your power steering fluid, first step you do is put a pan underneath it to catch all the fluid. The next step would be to loosen the two nuts, the flare nuts on the pipe that go into the steering box, pull these over, aim them down into the pan. It makes it easier if you have someone else to help out by running the car. Turn the car on and pulling the steering wheel side to side and that will make more of it spew out. And as you're doing that, you would put new power steering fluid in there and as you're doing this, keep flushing it with the engine on turning the wheels and getting it to pump out until you see the new fluid going into the pan. And then you turn the engine off, put these back on, fill it back up to where it says as add and as a full hot level and a full cold level. So if the engine's warm, fill it up to the full hot level and then just put the cap back on, tighten those back up and you're done. When you're flushing your power steering fluid, a lot of times all it is is automatic transmission fluid so you can find that at any part store down the street or anywhere. Some manufactures will certify other things and have different compounds so you have to look through the owner's manual and see what they recommend before you do it. But like I said, most cars are just typical automatic transmission fluid.


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