How to Change Transmission Fluid

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If a car is a front-wheel drive car, the transmission oil pan will be up front, while a rear-wheel drive car will hold its transmission fluid towards the center. Use a pan to catch the oil underneath the transmission with help from a specialist in car restoration in this free video on car maintenance and auto repairs.

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Video Transcript

To change the transmission fluid on your car you need to figure out where your transmission oil pan is. If it is a front wheel drive car your transmission oil pan will be up front, a rear wheel drive car will be more towards the center, the front center of the car. So put a pan to catch the oil underneath your transmission, get an adjustable wrench and then just unscrew the plug and come at the side and try to make sure your arm isn't like this because when that oil comes out it will be running down your arm and all over you and that is not very nice stuff so just go and turn it like that, pull the plug out with it and be sure not to drop the plug into the oil pan because then you have got to fish it out of all of the oil. So if you are changing your transmission fluid while you are at it, if you get to it you might as well take and replace the filter as well. What you would do is you pull the transmission oil pan and there is only a couple bolts or screws that will hold it in your filter and your filter is not a very expensive part so if you get to it you might as well do it and it is good insurance to keep your transmission running longer and cleaner and more efficiently. Sometimes when you pull your oil pan you will have a bunch of nasty particles and pieces of your transmission if your transmission is broken or just dirt from all the time of use all the clutches are all wearing out and while you have the pan off you should probably take some good solvent like kerosene or mineral spirits, stuff that you have just got bought, you know at Ace Hardware or any hardware store and just go in there and clean it all out and then when you are done with that set it all back in there with a new seal around the transmission so it doesn't leak and then it will be clean for probably another 30,000 miles.


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