What Is an iLink Port?

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An iLink port, also known as a Fire Wire port, transfers data and a high speed and it provides an electrical connection for computers. Find out why iLink ports are beneficial with information from a certified computer technician in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

I'm, Jonathan Ayres with Network For Success. And today, we're going to talk about what is an iLink Port? Most of us commonly know an iLink Port as a Fire Wire port. And these are ports that are on computers that are used to transmit data. In order to use this port, you have to have a cable. So right here, in front of me. I have a computer that has an iLink Port or Fire Wire port. And I have a cable. And I'll just show you really quickly, what that looks like. Here is exactly what the port looks like. And you'll notice that it has a rectangular shape. But at one end, it has a little dome on it. So in order to use an iLink Port, you do nothing more than plug the cable in. And then you, on one end. And plug it in on the other end. And you have a connection. Now what's, what are some of the nice things about iLink cables or Fire Wire cables? That we could show to make them worthwhile. Well, one issue is that they transmit data very, very quickly. So for example, they'll transmit data at 400 KBPS, kilo bytes per second. Or 800 kilo bytes per second. Which is very fast. So it makes it very convenient for video or other types of material that you're going to send over a wire. That have a lot of data attached to them. The other nice thing about a Fire Wire or iLink set up is, that it will power a device on the other end. So it will also be able to provide electricity. Where as, this is not true of other types of set ups. For example, USP does not automatically offer electricity coming down the wire. And you have to have a separate power supply for many USP setups. So our advantages for using an iLink or Fire Wire port are, that it transfers data very, very quickly. And it provides an electrical connection.


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