What Is a Scanner?

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A scanner takes a picture placed on the scanner screen and digitizes the information in order to present it on the computer screen for manipulation. Learn how to use a scanner, including sending images to different locations on a computer, with tips from a certified computer technician in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

I'm Jonathan Ayres with Network for Success. And today we're going to talk about, what is a scanner? Well, a scanner is a device that connects to a computer. And its job is very simple. It's going to take a document that you put on a scanner. And it's going to scan that document into your computer. So that you can manipulate it. Now what does that mean? Scan it into your computer. What it means is, that it's going to take a picture of whatever you place on the scanner screen. And it's going to digitize the information and present it to you. On your computer screen. It does all of this automatically for you. The background, you don't have to worry about it. All you have to do, is very simply, get yourself a scanner. And then we're going to find out, how to operate this one. It's very simple. You just open the top. and then you see a glass piece at the top here. And that's where you're going to lay your document. So I have a document sitting right here. It's a text file. I'm just going to very simply put it on top. Line it up according to the picture. Instructions right there. It says, bring it up here to the corner. And then always close the top. Because you don't want any excess light to get in or out. Then the next thing you're going to do, is find out where the button is. It says, start scanning. And you push the button to start scanning. So this one is over on the left hand side. It says scan to or start scan. This machine which is a Hewlett Packard offers different choices. About where I can send this scanned document. It doesn't just go to my computer. It can also be sent off to e-mail. Or it could be sent to another storage device. That I might plug into this machine. If I want to just scan it, into my computer. Then I'm just going to click on start scan. And then, what it's going to do. Is it's going to give me a menu and say, where do you want to scan it? And I'm going to say, my computer. So I select the computer that it's going to go to. There is only one choice in the menu. I push o.k. And then it's going to want to know. What am I going to scan it to. Am I going to want it to go in to a program. Or just into an application or whatever. So I just pick one of them. And then, it's going to scan the document for me, automatically. One thing scanners always do, when you start them up. Is they have to warm up. Because they have a light inside. And that helps them take the picture. So there's going to be a little bit of delay. While they warm up. And then they're going to start their scanning. I'm going to open this up, right in the middle of the scan. So that you can see the light inside the scanner. And it goes down across the paper here. And helps the scanner take the photograph. Then when it's finished, you'll have this document on your computer. Just like it looks on the piece of paper that you put in.


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