What Does a S-Video Cord Adapter Do?

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An S-Video cord adapter works by connecting an S-Video cord to a television in order to transmit video from a VCR. Connect a VCR to a television that doesn't have an S-Video cord input using an adapter and information from a certified computer technician in this free video on electronics.

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Video Transcript

I'm Jonathan Ayres with Network for Success and today we're going to talk about what does an S-video cord adapter do? Well, first of all, what is an S-video cord? An S-video cord is a cord that is used to transmit video from one machine to another. What would that mean to us in the home? Typically it would be taking a movie from a VCR and transmitting it into your television set so you can watch it. Here is a typical S-video cord, and if you had just this cord to connect from your VCR to your television set, you would also need a second cord for audio. Let's say for an example, you bought a TV set, and this TV set does not have an S-video input, but your VCR has an S-video cord that had the S-video on one end, and then whatever the TV provided on one end. It's very common for a television set to provide what are called RCA plugs and you can transmit your video and audio across these plugs, but you would need an adapter to take your S-video cable to your RCA cables, and that's what that adapter would be. It would either be one cord that had both ends on it or it would be two cords with an adapter between them. That would be an example of what an S-video cord adapter could do.


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