How to Lose a Double Chin

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The best strategy in getting rid of a double chin is to concentrate on losing weight throughout the entire body. Do exercises that strengthen the neck and jaw with advice from a registered and licensed dietitian in this free video on nutrition and diets.

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Video Transcript

My name is Christine Marquette, and I'm a registered and licensed dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic, and I've been asked how to lose a double chin. Most people who have a double chin actually need to lose weight in their entire body, so that's the first strategy is to work on your overall weight loss. Now there are a few people who are thin that actually do have a slight double chin. Now for somebody who is already fairly thin but for whatever reason has a little bit of a double chin, what they want to do is actually do some exercises to actually strengthen their neck and jaw. Some of the exercises that you could do are basically just tilting your head back to where you can feel that tension in the bottom of your chin and your neck and you want to do that as repetitions. Probably about ten to twelve. Another would be to actually just open your mouth as wide as you can, again with a little bit of that head tilt and you will feel that strengthening the muscles along your jaw line and a little bit under your neck and your chin. Those are a couple of exercises that you could do, but the vast majority of people with double chins - the quickest way to actually reduce that is to lose overall body weight and that's going to be based on healthy diet and exercise most days of the week. So for healthy diet, that's going to be including at least a couple of fruits every day, at least three servings of vegetables every day, making sure that you're getting a good six servings of your healthy grains whether that's coming from whole wheat bread or whole grain cereals, including good lean sources of protein at least two servings of lean proteins each day, whether that's coming from beans or nuts or seeds or seafood or poultry. The other thing to keep in mind is make sure that you do include some healthy fats so that would be things like canola oil, olive oil, again your nuts and your seeds, and making sure you're drinking plenty of water. As far as the physical activity, you want to mix it up, have some strength training activities, also have some cardiovascular activities, things such as walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, any of those activities will help tone up your whole body, help you lose weight in your entire body.


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