How Do Laptops Work?

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Laptops are powered by a regular power cable, which charges the battery while plugged in, and they have an integrated keyboard with media buttons, and the touch pad acts as the mouse. Discover how the different components of a laptop help it to function with IT help from a software developer in this free video on computers.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dave Andrews, today I'm going to talk about how laptops work. Now laptops has many characteristics that you won't find on a normal PC. For instance as you can see the screen of the laptop and the keyboard are integrated and it kind of swivels down like this. If I was to shut this screen entirely, it would put the laptop in the sleep mode. So I'm going to leave it open a little bit. Another thing to note is that a laptop uses just a regular power cable like this that you can unplug and then carry your laptop around with you. And then just plug it back in when you set it back on the desk or when that battery is running low. Another thing that is important to know on your laptops is of course it has an integrated keyboard and you are used to a keyboard from your normal computer. But this one has what's called a touch pad which is actually your mouse. And if you just take your finger and just kind of drag your finger around on that touch pad, that's just like you are interacting with a mouse on a regular computer. And then you have two little buttons right here, that will do a regular click and that will do a right click. Just like on a typical mouse. Also many of your newer style laptops have media buttons on the top of them which will allow me to mute the sound on the laptop, I can also press a couple of buttons here to increase the volume and decrease the volume. And this one has a DVD playing controls also. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just explained to you a little bit about how laptops work.


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