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Install baseboards after measuring the wall area and cutting the baseboard to fit. Learn how to install baseboards using the home repair tips in this free video.

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Video Transcript

My name's Ryan Parker with Parker Home Renovations in New Braunfels, Texas, and today I'm going to teach you how to install a baseboard. This is your typical piece of baseboard right here. And basically what you would need to do is you need to measure the wall area that you need your baseboard. If you're putting baseboard in an entire house, you'll measure the wall area from corner to door and, or corner to corner, and you'll add up all your wall area and then you'll want to add ten percent for the waste. Now what you'll do once you get your baseboard in, make sure that your pieces are straight and not warped and you don't want them to be swollen, crooked, anything like that. You want them to be as straight as you can possibly get them. Typically you can get pre-primed pieces like this, or you can get the bare wood pieces. I prefer to use pre-primed just because it saves you a step when you're ready to paint. So the first thing you're going to do is you're going to measure the wall that you want your baseboard on. You should already have your casing around all the doors and all the windows, and what you'll do is you'll measure from the corner of the room to the other corner, or from the corner to the casing on the door. And once you get that measurement, you'll want to measure it on your piece of baseboard like this, and then you'll put a mark. You'll want to cut that piece at that mark and the piece, if it's against a piece of casing, it would be a square cut. Just a straight cut straight across and it would butt right up to the casing. But if you're on an inside corner, you'll have to miter the edge of it like this. You'll have to angle a miter in, that way the other piece can be mitered and match up in that corner. If it's on an outside corner, you'll have to miter it out like this. That way as it comes around the wall when you miter the other one at that same forty-five degree angle, they'll meet up here and give you a nice edge. Once you put your baseboard up, you can probably nail it. You'll want to use an eighteen gage nail, sixteen gage nail, something that's fairly small. That way you don't have a big hole in your baseboard. Also you need to know if you're going to put shoe molding on, you attach the shoe molding to the baseboard, not to the floor. My name's Ryan Parker, Parker Home Renovations, and you can contact me at


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