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Cotton candy sugar can be stored in air-tight containers or plastic bags to keep it fresh. Store cotton candy sugar with tips from a party planner in this free video about party accessories.

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Showing everyone, how to make their favorite treat, cotton candy. So a lot of people have questions about the floss sugar. How long it lasts or what they can do with it. If they don't use everything. So these cartons make about sixty to seventy cones. And if you don't happen to use all this sugar, that's in there. You can store it and use that in your next event. Now if you can see, inside here. The floss sugar is really all loose. And you can feel it, this carton is really soft. But if you were to just leave it like this. It would get exposed to the elements. And because this isn't sealed tight. And if you've left it open like that. Just in your garage or your basement or something, for the next time. When you went back to get it, this carton will be really hard. And it would be all clumpy inside. And it wouldn't produce the good cotton candy, that you're hoping for. So you're going to have to put it, transfer into another container. Just like a big Ziploc bag or something that's air tight. So once you go to use cotton candy, the next time. You won't have to buy another carton.


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