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In yoga, extend the spine by letting the heart draw down towards the thumbs and lifting the shoulders skyward. Stretch out the back with tips from a yoga instructor in this free video on yoga energy.

Part of the Video Series: Yoga Energy Exercises
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Video Transcript

I'm Julie Branum. Coming into the next frame, we're at downward facing dog. Extending the spine nice and long. And on your exhale, go ahead and softly place the knees down back onto the mat, onto all fours position. Good. Inhale here with a neutral spine, exhale, let the heart draw down towards the thumbs, as the shoulders lift skyward. Good. Then inhale, hold. And on your exhale, reach that chest forward towards the front of the room, and take your gaze upward. Good. Inhale, here, and exhale, bend the elbows and the knees as you take the hips back towards the heels, rounding and tucking the tail bone, and chin into chest. Wonderful. Coming back onto all fours. On your inhale, heart draws down and forward, on your exhale, bend the knees and your elbows, as you tuck the tail bone, chin into chest, and round the low back. Good. Let's do that one more time, coming back to all fours, reaching the chest down and forward, and on your exhale, tuck the tail bone under, and the chin to the chest, as you take the hips back. Beautiful. Come back to all fours, inhale. Wonderful work, let's finish here.


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