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Firefighter salary begins around $30,000 per year and goes up to $70,000 per year. Learn about the determining factors for a firefighter's salary with tips from an experienced professional firefighter in this free video on career information.

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The average salary or income that the firefighters make it depends on your certifications. But as a firefighter you start out right around $30,000 a year. It can go up. If you're certified with many things it can go up probably right around $70,000. It kind of depends on the area that you're in also. Some states pay more than others. It depends on your rank, where you're at. Whether you're a Captain. Whether you're a Chief. Whether you're a firefighter. I mean it can vary depending on what your certifications are and where you're at in your training. The firefighting field is, it's growing a lot. Especially here in Pleasant Grove. We just had one of the greatest things happen. We were able to hire a full time staff. I was able to be a part of that. Pleasant Grove's been a volunteer department for a long time and this was a good step in a good direction to provide the safety and the ability to get on scene quick, make our times fast. That's the most important is to get there quick and to help people when they're in need. That's a big thing. In general all around it's growing. There are so many departments that are hiring and wanting people. There's a lot of people retiring that opens opportunity for those that want to do it. So the job is growing and there's plenty of opportunity out there if you want to do it. It's definitely a good job and it's worth it. I think why people do this job is first of all you get a rush. You get an adrenaline rush every time the tones go off. You get that rush and that excitement. I don't think there's anything that can match that rush that you get. Also, I mean we get to help people every day. I think that's the biggest thing is to be able to go out and to help people and to lift their spirits. I mean when we go on scene those people are having a bad day and we try to do everything we can possibly do to make that better.


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