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The job description for a firefighter focuses on preventing and putting out fires, as well as protecting the community. Find out more about firefighter jobs with tips from an experienced professional firefighter in this free video on career information.

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Video Transcript

Hey, I'm Jake Larsen with Pleasant Grove Fire Department in Pleasant Grove Utah and a firefighter is someone that takes care of from fire safety to protecting and serving the community. With fire, EMS calls things of that nature. A typical day for a firefighter here at Pleasant Grove we start with a, with a good workout first thing in the morning. Get us ready for the day we usually come back eat some breakfast. Get ready for what ever is next. Usually we after, after we eat breakfast we'll, we'll kind of hangout just kind of take a break from the workout. Usually we've got duties here at the, here at the station to do. From, from doing the dishes to cleaning the station. We keep the rigs clean. Things of that nature make sure we're doing vehicle checks. Usually those things get done first. So we, so we're ready for the day. Most firefighters are cross trained with, with an EMT or paramedic. Most of the calls that we do run here in Pleasant Grove. I would say most of them are medical calls and most everyone here is, is cross trained. When we go on a call most of us are all trained in that, in that way. We take care of people when their hurt. When we do have a fire call we're all, we're all firefighters also. So we're able to go and take care of the fire also. There's a plus to that you don't have to have so many people. You have the opportunity to have one person that can take care of two different jobs. But when, we get on a fire when we get our fire call we have our assigned seats in the vehicle and depending on where your sitting on the vehicle. It depends on your job when you get to the fire. You have your engineer in the front that drives the fire truck he's in charge of pumping the vehicle giving to those firefighters that, that are go in the home and fight the fire. Usually the people in the backseat are the firefighters that are going to first in that are going to go and fight the fire. You have your captain that sits in the, in the passenger seat of the, the fire truck and he oversees the safety oversees the whole, the whole incident. He is incident command and he will take care of everything that needs to be done. He will tell us where we need to be. Make sure things a flowing well and that everybody's safe and then as other personnel shows up. He can assign those people to different spots as far as ether protecting other buildings. From the fire or, or what ever, what ever it takes. Your ether refilling bottles and getting ready for that.


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