How to Reduce Fractions

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When doing math with fractions, an easy way to work is by reducing them. Reduce fractions to their lowest terms with tips from a math tutor in this free video on fractions.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we're going to learn simple ways of doing fractions. Now there are many ways to do fractions. We want to concentrate, in this clip, on reducing fractions. And if we have time, equivalent fractions. If I have a fraction that's forty over fifty, I can reduce that fraction. You don't have--all you have to do is cross out the zeros, and you're left over with four over five. That's a simple way of reducing a fraction. Now most people, you can get a fraction like this, four thousand divided by fifty thousand. Okay, well just match zeros. This one, and that one, this one, and that one, this one, and that one. And what are you left with? You're left with four over fifty. So your answer is four over fifty. Now, if these numbers are even numbers, they usually can be reduced. So remember this thing, whatever you do to the top, you do to the bottom, okay. So if I can divide this by two and divide that by two, I get two over twenty-five and you have just reduced the fraction to the lowest terms.


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