How to Make a Paper Boat

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If an origami paper boat is folded correctly, it will actually float. Make an origami paper boat with folding instructions from a graphic artist in this free video on Japanese origami.

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Video Transcript

So, you ever wanted to make a paper boat to play with your rubber ducky when you're in the bathtub? I'm going to show you how. My name is Robert Segundo. We're going to make a paper boat today. Now, whenever; one of the simplest things to do if you're really actually going to stick this in water would be to take Crayons and color both sides. Crayons has got wax in them and it will keep the boat from actually getting wet and falling apart. The wax will keep it afloat as well. So, what we're going to do is we're going to take a square piece of paper and we're going to fold it in half like so; there we go. Let's fold it into another half like so. This is more of a diagonal fold than a half fold. There we go. Now, we're going to open this up and we're going to take our points and fold it in on all four corners; there we go. Same thing here, all four corners. There we go. Same thing here, all four corners. Now, we've made a smaller square. What we're going to do is we're going to open these points up and we're going to fold these in half like so. Then fold it back into place. So, let's do this quick because I've got a popsicle and my popsicle is melting. So, here we go. There we go; now what we're going to do is we're going to take and fold our boat in half; like so. Then what we're going to do is take these corners and fold them down in half again; like so. Then we're going to take these corners here and fold them along that crease there, down, same thing on the other side, down like so. Now, we're going to take this and we're going to fold it into thirds. Once like that, my papers kind of thick so this is going to take a little bit of force and once again like that. Now, we're going to get in here and we're going to press on this. Same thing over here, into thirds; like so. Let's press on this real good. I shouldn't have used such thick paper. Now, what we're going to to do is we're going to pick it up from the underside, we're going to open it up and press down on the center; like so. What this is going to do is this is going create our boat; like so. Then you can kind of work the corners here and bring it up into a nice canoe shape. If you've colored it correctly and all over with your Crayon this will float. There you go. There you go, you can work your sides up a little bit more to get that classic canoe shape, but basically that's it. There's your boat. Have fun sailing.


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