Preventing Tennis Elbow With Yoga

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Preventing tennis elbow with the half moon stretch can reduce the pain of tendinitis. Prevent tennis elbow with a finger to wrist side body stretch in this free video on yoga fitness.

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Video Transcript

If you find you have pain right around the tendons of the elbow, you may be suffering tennis elbow or tendinitis, which happens when those tendons become inflamed. This happens when we use the smaller and weaker muscles of the arm, rather then the larger stronger muscles of the arms and the shoulders to come in to our poses or we just swing our tennis racket or our golf club. So one of the things that can heal and prevent tennis elbow is a half moon side stretch. So we just inhale, reach the arms up, grab on to your wrist with your fingers, inhale, lengthen up through your side body, draw the shoulder blades down your back and as you exhale, lift out of your wrist and open out to the side. And so that you can feel and see that I am getting a really good stretch all through the shoulder, underneath the armpit, all the way down the upper arm and all the way through the forearm. So just the side body, wrist, finger stretch is a great way to stretch your shoulder and forearm and to relieve and heel the pain of tendinitis. I'm Cindy Mastry, namaste.


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