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Being a park ranger has many pros and cons related to working in nature and dealing with dangerous situations. Weigh the pros and cons of being a park ranger with tips from an experienced park ranger in this free career information video.

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Video Transcript

Pros and cons about being a park ranger. Well there's obviously a lot of pros. Some of the most enjoyable times for my job is getting to work on boats, be out on boats, be out on four wheelers and off highway vehicles and snow mobiles. Some of the best times are you know in the winter time when it's a nice forty degree day and you're on top of the mountain looking out over the world going wow I get paid for doing this. So, you know, there's a lot of good stuff. If you like law enforcement or are considering that we definitely get to have our fair share of doing those types of things. As I've mentioned before we get to do other things besides law enforcement. We can be; do interpretive programs in the park that you can be in charge of. You know, being out on the; a trail, if you have a trail in your park. Leading, guiding people through a trail. You can do accounting and financial type stuff. So, there's a lot of good things. What I've mentioned before is we do get to wear a lot of hats. That's definitely a pro, you know, because you can go and do a lot of other things. It just breaks up the monotony of your day. Some of the cons; I can't really think of anything that's really bad, except for maybe if we're out on patrol and we happen to run across injuries to people, children typically. You know, if a child gets hurt or you know, God forbid they should happen to die for whatever recreational purpose they were doing. Those are probably times that are the least favorite for me. But, otherwise I really can't think of too many things that I don't like about my job. Obviously I enjoy coming to work every day and I enjoy what I do. So, there are a lot of pros and very few cons. One good thing about state parks that's a little bit different than regular law enforcement also is the time on the job. Typically we do have; summers are obviously our busiest time, so the hours in summer time; you may be working a lot more. But, the rest of the year if you want to go on vacations, take time off to be with the family. You certainly have a lot more time than say a normal police officer would. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas you can usually be with your families where sometimes if you work for another law enforcement agency those times you don't get to have with your family. So, those are definitely some pros to.


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