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A sports writer's salary depends on the market they are working in. Learn more about a sports writer's salary with tips from a professional sports writer in this free careers video.

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There is no salary range, well, there is no set salary for a sports writer because you could be making fifteen to twenty thousand a year working in a small county, weekly newspaper in a rural setting, or you could be making millions of dollars a year as a top sports columnist for the New York Times, or the Chicago Tribune. So, there's no range for this type of work, I would say most of us probably are solid middle class income salary types, I don't think many people go into this line of work to get rich. Most of us like this, do this because we like sports, we enjoy writing, we enjoy the media aspect of things. Very few people in this will become wealthy, but very few of us go into it for that reason too. So, I would say it's pretty much a middle class job, but you would see people on both ends of the extreme on that spectrum. You know it would depend greatly on the newspaper, if you started, you know, if you came out of a top journalism school, maybe like Northwestern University, or the University Of Missouri, something like that, and you had, you already had an internship at a top newspaper, you probably could start off and do pretty well for yourself, but most people that get into it usually have to work their way up, and pay their dues. A lot of people in this business, could tell you stories about paying their dues to work their way up. The earning potential again, would depend completely on the newspaper you work for. The higher up you go, the more you're going to make in the bigger cities, for the bigger papers, and if you're a sports reporter for the Los Angeles Times, you're probably going to be, you're going to be making more than you would for the, you know, Backwoods County Weekly and wherever, you know so, again it's hard for me to pin this down because it just depends where you are, who you're writing for, and what you're doing. This is not a field that's growing right now, unfortunately, and a lot of us who have been in this line of work, and who do enjoy this profession, we're a little sad to see some of the things that are happening right now. And, what I mean by that is, the newspaper business is changing rapidly everyday right now because of the internet. And, newspapers are trying to figure out right now how to take their product to the internet, at the same time make money and remain profitable, and it's a battle right now that newspapers are really struggling to fight, so it's not growing right now, because of that reason.


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