How to Get Rid of Rodents Naturally

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To get rid of rats and rodents, keep metal lids on trash cans. Keep rats away by following the pest control tips in this free first-aid video from a professional fireman.

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Video Transcript

No matter where we live, there's times when we're going to encounter rats and mice, or other rodents, that we would like to get rid of, from our general vicinity of where we live, and what we're going to do, is talk about them, and how to get rid of them naturally. Hi, I'm Captain Joe Bruni. The pesky mouse and rat is something that we can get rid of naturally, in most cases, such as: inspecting around your home and yard area, for areas and a telltale sign of rat droppings or the pathways that they're using, for feeding. Other things may include: getting rid of trash piles, debris, old worn out sheds, and things along those lines, where rats and mice like to nest. It's also advisable to keep metal lids on trashcans. Indoors, keep food products or foodstuffs, inside metal containers, inside of cupboards. We could also take steps to eliminate rodents, once we know they're there, by using natural types of trapping devices, such as glue traps, or even the spring loaded trap, can also be useful. Many people avoid the spring loaded trap, and want to go with something like the glue trap. If you choose to use some type of poison, probably the best bait that would be used, would be some type of bait, containing the Vitamin D-3. D-3 will not hurt household pets, or other animals, if they find it, and ingest it. However, in the rodent, it will cause heart failure within about twenty four hours. Some of the natural ways to get rid of rodents and control their population, where we live. I'm Captain Joe Bruni. Stay safe, and we'll see you next time.


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