How to Fight Like Jason Bourne

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Learn to fight like Jason Bourne by studying the Israeli self-defense system known as Krav Maga. Find out more about Krav Maga from a martial arts teacher in this free video on fighting tactics.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody I'm John Graden from the Martial Arts Teacher's Association and How do you fight like Jason Bourne? Well first thing you get somebody to write you a script and you practice the fights enough to where they really look good, good on camera. But seriously when we talk about Jason Bourne he's my all time favorite action star. Matt Damon plays this role beautifully, I think it's better then Bond, it's better then the others. What makes Jason Bourne really effective is that he always works his mind first. He thinks things through, he outsmarts his opponents long before it gets to the point where he's got to actually physically engage with them. And typically he's stacked the deck in his favor by the time he does engage with them and that's a sign of a great martial artist. You are always trying to avoid the fight, we are trying to use our mind to get around if first. But how does he actually fight, let's take a look. Joining me is Joe Brinoli from Costar Mixed Martial Arts, fighting for the camera is different then fighting in real life as you can imagine. One of the things that Matt Damon does and I've read up on this, he studies Krav Maga which is an Israeli Self Defense system, highly effective. Extremely efficient and it's proven in the battle field. One of the tenets of, well typical techniques of Krav Maga is that they will lock and counter attack at the same time. You also see this in Jeet Kundo. For instance if he's throwing, throw a right haymaker or something, they are going to block and counter strike at the same time. Use this hand for a second. They are going to block and counter attack at the same time. So it's very efficient, I'm not blocking and then countering, it's typically all in one move. Another tenet of these types of motion, you are just going to hang for a second, is it that they will combine techniques together that look very impressive on camera. For instance this is almost like having a Kenpo techniques, while he'll strike with the hand, strike with the elbow, come down low, pop straight up, finish off with the kick and turn and take the guy out. So all this pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, it looks explosive, it's short, it's compact, extremely efficient and it really looks great on camera. Another technique that we want to understand about the camera is that, efficiency sometimes doesn't work on the camera. For instance, would you stand here please. Martial arts typically teach a straight punch, straight out and straight back, what we've discovered, is I've been in films and done a lot of stunt work, is that, that's too hard to see for the camera. So often you'll see guys like Chuck Norris, Jason Bourne, they'll throw more of a circular punch or technique even though technically it's not correct, that sweeping motion looks really good on camera. It makes it more effective, and makes it more visually appealing. So the beauty of Jason Bourne first he uses his mind, he stacks the cards in his favor like a good martial artist, second through Krav Maga, Jeet Kundo and other extremely efficient fighting techniques he really explodes those techniques and third, there's a little bit of play for the camera which makes it exciting for all of us. I'm a use Jason Bourne fan, I hope that helps. I'm John Graden, with Joe Bernoli, thanks.


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