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Meditate in a comfortable position while chanting a mantra. Get tips for meditating with expert tips from a yoga instructor in this free fitness video.

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Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman, from Seaside Yoga, here to talk to you a little bit, about how to meditate, so first of all, meditation can feel somewhat, of a scary practie. Am I doing this right? How do I do this? and the first key that I give to anyone, is to keep it consistent, so if you do decide to enter into a meditation practice, find a spot either in the beginning of your day, or at the end of your day, and stay consistent with that. Set a timer, say five minutes. You're going to start with five minutes of meditation. That's perfect. The first thing, is to find a comfortable position. If it's not effective for you to get down on the floor, find a chair. Maintain an upright seat to your spine. I find it helpful, to align myself on a meditation cushion, which I'll do right now. What this does, is it helps to soften the hips, and make the seated posture a little easier. If you find that your hips are still a little tight, and your knees are up to your armpits, you may want to use a couple of yoga blocks, to support the hips. You'll feel like you're on a comfortable throne. This is a comfortable position for me.If it's not comfortable for you, again, find a chair or a seat. Then the second piece to meditation, is to find a focus point, so before you just close your eyes, and start meditating, choose a focus. If your focus is your breathing, pay attention to your breathing, for five minutes. If your focus is a positive affirmation, or a mantra, choose that, and continue to repeat that in your mind, for five minutes, and it sounds easy, but it's a challenging practice, and in and of itself, it is a practice, so to sustain your practice in a consistent way, over a long period of time, you'll find the benefits to meditation. You can also seek out a teacher, or a meditation group, and that usually does help to give you inspiration, and to give you support, if you are beginning a meditation practice, so how to meditate? There are many different styles of meditation, different types of techniques, and I hope you find one that works for you. Thanks for joining me.


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